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2024 Summer Camps Registration

Exclusive 2024 Summer Goalie School

All goalie camps are held in the Chicago area and taught by professional staff—instructors and shooters. All camp programs teach attendees modern techniques that are put into practice in on-ice drills. We also cover game situation training and have a goaltending specific off-ice program. Good As Gould Goalie School videotapes every camp. Each attendee receives an account he or she can log into and watch the video online. All camp sessions include skills competitions and achievement awards, which are recognized with custom plaques.

Camp Structure

Each day at camp starts with one hour of off-ice instruction followed by a half hour of video review. There is a half hour break for goaltenders to get dressed for a two hour session on the ice.


Each day, the goalies train off-ice with drills aimed at physical and psychological development. Classroom instruction covers topics such as equipment, mental game preparation, game situation analysis, and continuing self-improvement. Goalies watch the videotape of the previous day's practice and listen to analyses by instructors. The on-ice sessions are broken into six stations. Each station has one instructor and two shooters and covers essential skills such as the following:

• V-Saves
• Stack Saves
• Glove and Blocker Saves
• Out of Net Play
• Rebound Control
• Breakaways
• And More

Goalies receive the highest quality instruction. Our low student-to-instructor ratio not only allows each goalie to practice more in a given time slot, but it also allows the instructors to get to know each goalie's specific talents and needs.

Reservations & Refunds

A deposit of fifty percent of the camp fee is required to reserve your spot in one of our goalie camps. No refunds are given for camp fees unless your spot can be filled with another attendee.

Accommodation Considerations

For out-of-town students, boarding is not offered through the school. However, hotel accommodations are available near all rink locations.

Fundamentals Program

Participants in one of our Fundamentals Camp programs can expect the following:

• 4:1 Student to Instructor Ratio
• 3 Goalies Per Net
• 10 Hours On-Ice Instruction
• Basic Off-Ice Protocol

Hockey Instructor with Younger Kids in Hockey Gear

Advanced, Invitation-Only and Elite Invite Program

Participants in one of our Advanced Camp programs or our invitation-only program can expect the following:

• College, Junior, and Professional Shooters
• Classroom and Video Analysis by Gould
• 2:1 Student to Instructor Ratio

• 2 Goalies Per Net Elite Invite and Invite

• 3 Goalies Per Net Advanced
• 10 Hours On-Ice Instruction

• Goalie Specific Off-Ice Protocol

• Goalie Specific Video Classroom Review Elite Invite