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Quality Hockey Goalie Equipment

Outfit your goaltenders with first-class protective hockey goalie equipment. We have hockey goalie pad kits and masks. All Illinois orders are charged sales tax at the rate of 7.5%.


Good As Gould Goalie Schools will soon be manufacturing high-quality, custom goalie pads. Expert design and craftsmanship, as well as custom sizes and colors, will make Gould the obvious choice for all your equipment needs.

Gould R2's Pro Pads Gould Pro Equipment Color Charts Could R2's Pro Catch Glove / Blocker

White and Green Pads White and Maroon Pads White and Blue Pads Green Pads

Victory Pro Active Goalie Mask - Available in Black or White

The Victory Pro Active Goalie Mask was worn by Hannu Toivonen when he was playing for the Chicago Blackhawks. Hannu has worn the Victory Pro Active Goalie Mask at the highest level of play, and we are confident you will find all the comfort and protection you need in this product.

This mask has a unique design that eliminates uncomfortable ear ringing that is common in shots to the goalie mask. The HD 070 inner liner is different than any other liner in the goalie mask market today. It allows for a level of comfort and safety that gives a goalie a positive frame of mind when facing good shooters and out-of-control shooters that still shoot hard. The shell of this mask contains 25% rubber in the composite for increased impact absorption and shock dispersion away from the head.

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Hockey Mask

The Victory Pro Active Goalie Mask is handmade in Finland, and every mask is inspected for quality control and safety. At Good As Gould Goalie Schools, we are a leader in mask and head safety, and we refuse to carry any product that compromises a goalie's safety. Features of this protective mask include the following:

• Pro Cat Eye Cage
• HD 070 Inner Liner
• Unique Extended Throat Protection (EPT)
• Pro Back Plate That Is Fully Adjustable
• Wide Face Opening for Optimized Ventilation
• Short & Long Chin Models for Wider Movement & Better Version
• Padded Mask Bag

Victory V4 SR.
Both colors are $399 and have a $25.00 shipping charge.

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Victory V2 Youth Mask 

The Youth mask is $350 with a $25.00 shipping charge.

Purchase: Contact Stu at (847) 344-9072

Custom Goalie Mask Painting

Let us make the paint job on your goalie mask as unique as your goaltending style. Custom mask painting costs $380 plus Shipping

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Goalie Mask Refurbishing

Good As Gould Goalie School restores old masks to like-new condition. When we refurbish your helmet, you can depend on superior craftsmanship and hardware. Our refurbishing services include the following:

• Custom Re-Padding
• New Stainless Steel Hardware
• New Strapping
• New Stainless Steel Cage
• New Solid Paint
• Remove Small Chips and Paint

Refurbishing with new cage $200.00 and has a $20.00 shipping charge.

Refurbishing without new cage $125.00 and has a $20.00 shipping charge.

Contact Stu to schedule an appointment 847-344-9072

Emergency Goalie Pad Kit

Travel with peace of mind when you have an emergency goalie pad kit. If you break a part on your goalie pads, you now have the necessary emergency replacement parts to put you back in the game. Each kit is packaged in a heavy, resealable plastic bag to ensure that no parts are lost or spread throughout your hockey bag. We have carefully selected the parts that are most likely to break and are most needed for emergency replacement. The Emergency Goalie Pad Kit includes the following:

 Item  Quantity
Leg Strap 1
Universal Butterfly Tie Downs 2
Tie Down Laces 2
Plastic Release Buckle & Tri-Glides 2
Nuts & Bolts Set 4
Goalie Mask Snaps 2

This kit is $39.95 and has a $10.00 shipping charge.

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