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Pre-Game Warmups

Pre-Game Goalie Hand Eye Warm-ups and Game Evaluations 

Hand-eye coordination is one of the biggest things any athlete can do to get better on or off the ice. Hand-eye coordination is the ability to track the movements of the hands with the eyes, thus enabling the eyes to send important signals to the brain about hand movement. This stimulates our muscle memory to perform with perfection. So, a proper warm-up is critical for a goaltenders success in a game. Goaltenders need to prepare their technical side, which will increase their confidence going into the game. If the goalkeeper does not get quality shots during warm-ups, he/she is not properly prepared which can lead to potential mistakes, and mistakes lead to goals! Confidence and details are key attributes to being a great goalie.
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We at Good As Gould want to help you be your best in the game. We offer a program to help you get ready and be ready on game days. We use a unique wireless reaction three dimensional training system comprised of LED powered lights. This will enhance the goaltenders reaction and response time. It will also improve their neuromuscular and cognitive efficiency.


We offer 2 packages: Gould Equipment

Package 1
Pre-game hand-eye warm-up:
On game day we will arrange a time and location and run the goalie though a series of reaction drills using our unique Light Training System. Each athlete is different and will have a personal program designed for him/her. We can also incorporate reaction balls, speed ladder and goalie specific stretches.  

Package 2
Pre-game hand-eye warm-up and goalie evaluation:
On game day we will meet the goalie at the rink an hour and half before the game begins. We will then run the goalie through a series of reaction drills using our unique Light Training System. We will then stay for the game and capture video footage of saves and goals to go over for evaluation. All footage will be saved and then can be used for highlight/ scouting purposes to promote the athlete.

For more information or if you are interested in either package, please give us a call today, and we will schedule you in. Please note, we will only be taking a limited amount of spots a week. Reserve your spot today!

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